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Feb 3, 2013 4:10am EST
talking about. navy it will be dissipated either in a storm i do not think we have to assume this year is the last year ever to make peace between palestinians and israelis. there are parameters of both sides can live with. the elements of the decision making process are not there. >> we want to get to questions in a moment. >> i would just add, did not leave of the equation of the rise of islamic extremism. things and but as the were the last time america manage to get the parties to the table. hamas -- you can bet it will be worse in syria after assad. it has been hard in the past. at the the rise of extremism makes things more difficult. a situation becomes more complicated. i think time is working against us. the situation at the moment is very not promising. we cannot give up on it. >> we have microphones. please wait until you are in front of a microphone. please start with a gentleman in the back. if he would not mind. wait for the microphone to get to you. >> yes. this is an extraordinary panel. a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. very much appreciated. the one th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1